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Expert Counselling / Consultation

Students / Parents


Career should be matter of choice & not by chance. Students and Parents are often found taking decisions based on the people around them or driven by circumstances. It is very important to match passion and profession to give a meaning and satisfaction to life. We at Expert Educare, help students to choose the most appropriate stream / sector after detailed questionnaire, psychometric analysis and personal interview.

Social / Relational

School / Institute

Individuals / couples facing challenges in social circle or in relations then we are perfect to deal with their mindset. We always try to convert weaknesses into strengths of each other so as they can celebrate their life with fullest joy and satisfaction. After joint and individual counselling, we try to add missing flavours in their life cycle.



The company offers Consulting Services for the branding and upliftment of the institutions. The company may conduct survey and interactive sessions with all concerned with the institution / campus. Based on the expert opinion and market feedback, the company suggests strong actions required for the betterment & branding of the institution as well as to achieve high satisfaction ratio of the students / clients. The company has an experience of more than 15 years in talent acquisition and human resource management.

Project Based


The team Expert invites project based assignments involving counselling, selection procedure, conducting surveys, content / souvenir / mementos / promotional campaign design / designing & planning of intellectual events / organisation of various competitive & skill development events, outside workshops / camps involving student community and professional community at large.

What is Career Counselling?

Career counseling is a personalized process aimed at helping individuals make informed decisions about their career paths. It involves self-assessment to understand one's interests, strengths, and values, exploration of various career options, and setting achievable goals. Career counselors provide guidance, resources, and support to help individuals navigate educational and professional choices, address challenges, and pursue fulfilling careers. By aligning personal attributes with career opportunities, career counseling empowers individuals to make choices that lead to meaningful and rewarding professional lives.

Significance of Career Counselling

Career counseling holds significant importance in guiding individuals toward fulfilling and successful professional lives. It helps individuals gain self-awareness by identifying their interests, strengths, values, and goals. Through exploration of various career options, individuals can make informed decisions that align with their skills and aspirations. Career counseling also assists in understanding market trends, job opportunities, and educational pathways, enabling individuals to navigate the complexities of the ever-changing job market. Furthermore, it provides support in overcoming obstacles and challenges that may arise during the career development process. By fostering a strong foundation of self-awareness, knowledge, and confidence, career counseling empowers individuals to pursue meaningful careers that align with their values and bring fulfillment and satisfaction in their personal and professional lives.

What to expect from the Career Counselling Session?

In a career counseling session, individuals can expect a supportive and structured environment aimed at exploring their interests, strengths, and aspirations. The counselor will guide them through self-assessment exercises to gain insight into their personality traits, values, and skills. Together, they will explore various career options, considering factors such as educational requirements, and personal goals. The counselor will provide information tailored to the individual's needs, helping them make informed decisions about their career path. Additionally, the session may involve setting short and long-term goals, creating action plans, and addressing any concerns or barriers that may arise. Overall, individuals can expect personalized guidance and support to help them navigate their career journey and make choices that align with their values and aspirations.