Expert Educare Pvt Ltd is one of the premier institute of Western India in the field of training and guiding graduating students for their bright career since 2006. The organisation has trained ore than 50,000 students in last 15 years.As truly said, you need to begin somewhere !! Coz… the essence of preaching impacts everyone: students, employers, communities and societies. So it’s of utmost importance, not only to prepare students but also to accomplish more and inspire them to tackle local and global challenges. That contributes to a better workforce, expands innovation, creates opportunities for growth and builds stronger communities.

With an advent of 21st century it’s time for an ignition, an upholding of the spark within you for your brightest future. This has an obvious requirement of a look-ahead approach of you, as a visionary of your future. If you dare to dream it, you can do it.

Just as a food needs the right blend of spices to add taste to it, an organization needs a right talent to grow and get acquainted, so can be said that; a child needs a right environment to grow and bring the right and best out of it. This indeed needs the right preacher, a guide, a philosopher for growing and achieving career goals.

The Best Invesment you
Can Make Is
In yourself

You may be wondering,'Is career counselling right for me?' or 'Should I invest in a career coach?'On one hand coaching seems expensive but, on the other, it can be life changing.


Coaching Experience


About Career Club

The organization headed by Himanshu Thakkar offers students information about career scopes, advantages of selecting a specific field, the process of achieving it, advising them about the study techniques that are logical. The experienced counselling team will make sure to understand each and every aspect of the discussion with the students and their parents and help them make a balanced decision.

They focus on preparing children for career challengers through career and personal development by providing the following services:

● Making them competent for future success
● Equipping them with all the latest career trends
● Helping them to polish their personality
● Shaping the child for the decision-making process by developing their interpersonal skills
● Inducing them with teamwork and leadership qualities
● Educating them about the changing world and how to cope up with the changes
● Fostering effective learning
● Giving them a feeling of being heard
● Facilitating them with better communication skills